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Kripa provides software engineering services and strategic technology advice to help you align your technology deployment with your organization’s mission, goals, work-flows, and business processes. Kripa helps you share information with your support staff, customers and suppliers.

Web Apps

Web browser applications to assist you with information collection, persistence and distribution.


Targeted server side services to manage your security, information flow and persistence.

Strategy Consulting

We track technology and new methodologies to help you utilize the best in the latest trend.


These are some of our innovations and engineered solutions that has helped clients like yourself with their technological needs.

About us

Kripa is committed to empowering our customers to exploit and adopt innovative technological solutions to realize organizational efficiencies, customer service improvements, increased profitability, and to compete in extremely challenging global marketplace.

Who We Are

Kripa is a software engineering and consulting firm located in central New Jersey, USA.

What We Do

For company to grow, prosper and be competitive they require accurate, easily accessible and timely vital business data. We help organizations achieve these goals by:

  • Focusing on user needs
  • Developing affordable solutions
  • Delivering solutions that exceed requirements and expectations
  • Using latest in software engineering practices
  • Code reuse instead of reinvent
  • Engineer secure and reliable applications
  • Support all software we create
  • Support open source software we reuse

Our Pledge

All of our solutions comes with 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Contact Us

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Our Technology

Technology is always evolving. New software languages, libraries, packages, standards and methodologies are continuously developed and adopted while some are rescinded as they become less popular.

At Kripa, we do exhaustive research and analysis to evaluate potential for a new technology - the benefits in productivity, ease of programming and maintenance, support from thriving community, performance, rating against competing technology and the future potential.


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React JS


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Mongo DB


Play Framework